Awesomely awesome commentaries on “terrorism”; @ggreenwald and Barry Eisler

Via Glenn Greenwald’s brilliant piece (the final paragraph – that you have to work up to and is therefore not quoted – is all Prospero/Caliban) I stumbled on Barry Eisler, equally awesome in full irony mode –

After the last ten years, if they really hated us for our freedoms, don’t you think they’d hate us a bit less by now?  With two successive presidents claiming the right to imprison people indefinitely without charge, trial, or conviction, and to spy on Americans without warrants, and with our current president claiming in addition the power to execute American citizens without any recognizable due process, we have a lot less freedom to hate.
I guess we just haven’t given up enough freedom for them to stop hating us.  We really should give up even more.
Or, instead, we could try invading, occupying and droning Muslim countries a little less, and see if that helps.  Maybe prop up fewer corrupt and tyrannical Muslim regimes.
Nah.  Islamic violence against America has nothing to do with any of that.  It’s all hatred of our freedoms, or something innate to Islam, or it’s just that violence is what fundamentalists do.  I mean, people never react violently to violence.  After all, look how calmly and rationally America responded to 9/11.

See also:
Greenwald’s 2010 piece on the shifty signifier that is “terrorism.”

PS I think we may have found at least one of the Chomsky Replacements…


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