Belief in magical transformations! Or the “X factor is for peasants.”

The obsession with fame is an interesting phenomenon. In a lazy kinda ill-thought-out speculative way I will say that now that the dream of salvation by God or Marx is gone (in Europe, if not everywhere else!), then the only way to live forever is…  FAME.

Where you are plucked from obscurity to become a Star. Preferably “overnight”, courtesy Simon Cowell or whoever.

It’s a peasant belief, one that our lords and masters continue to inculcate.

They want you to continue as infants (1) , with the magical thinking of pre-adults.

And when 99.999% don’t make it? Well, that in no way undermines the technique. Constant disappointment is good (for the master) since it re-inforces individuals’ sense of helplessness, making it easier to sell them an external change agent, whether it’s the crucifix or the nike swoosh, mobile phones or whatever.

So, magic transformations do not happen.
Transformations CAN happen. But. Not. By. Magic.
What do you need?

  • Time
  • Persistence
  • The destruction of the ego.
  • External drivers (carrots and sticks)

Any vollies for that last one?

(1) I was going to use the term “infantilisation” but I realised that it implies having to push back, to regress – forcibly and forcefully – people who have (almost) achieved adulthood). Actually, it’s about maintaining/prolonging those infant ways. There are very few adults walking around. Where have all the good men gone?

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