Spring-ing into action? Yeah, good luck with that.

Finally, I am learning (I think). I am not, (wife-be-happy) going to dance to the Masochism Tango.

There was a time I might have enthusiastically attended this, in Manchester on Saturday May 11th.

No more. Why? Well, here’s the comment I left below the timetable post.

“The fact that your entire format is based around speakers and then, presumably, question and answer sessions, fills me with dread. It seems that “everything is changing and shifting” except the way that these set-piece events are arranged to meet the needs of the speakers and the organisations they represent. When will we ever learn that this doesn’t work? There are other ways of organising events, that create connections between attendees, and means that the people who do attend are more than just ego-fodder.
Maybe they will happen at this event, but given the fact that you have not said how you are going to do it, then a reasonable person would assume that it is going to be the default setting of speakers giving their standard spiel, followed by the usual suspects in the question and answer giving their own little spiels and the rest of the audience enduring comment tennis.
I hope I am wrong – I won’t be there to find out though. Too many times bitten, twice shy.”

Alternatively I could have sent them a letter along the lines of the algorithm here.

That timetable I am finding so dread-ful

11.15am-12.15pm: What is radical art? The search for universal truths, the left and contemporary culture

12.30-1.30pm: Multiculturalism, Identity politics and the centrality of class

2.30-3.30pm: Forms of organisation – Leninism and the modern left

3.45-4.45pm: Looking back at the future – the decline of Modernist ambition

Theoretically (har har) interesting. Practically? You’d meet a couple of potentially interesting people, but the price you’d pay is a tenner (not so much), and, less endurably,lots and lots of boredom and frustration.

We hope to see you in Manchester on May 11th, for the start of something new!

No, and no.


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