Feminism is one of those “duh, well clearly” things, no?

Of course, it’s inaccurate to talk about feminism – there are feminisms. And true, some of them are bat-shit crazy.

This below is not one of those; it’s bang on the money…

Some Reflections on Negotiating the Five Stages of Feminist Consciousness/Grief in Undergraduate Students

It mentions a bunch of essays etc that I’ll be reading (including stuff by the amazing bell hooks).

It also mentions an interesting sounding book -“In War, Identity and the Liberal State (Routledge, 2013), she draws on original fieldwork research with members of the British Armed Forces to offer insights into how their everyday experiences are shaped by, and shape, a politics of gender, race and sexuality that not only underpins power relations in the military, but the geopolitics of wars waged by liberal states.”


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