Doctor Who: On a Hide-ing to Nothing (or “If I had a Hammer House of Horror”)

Schmaltz, arm-waving and shouting, mis-casting, tediousity over and over and over. And those were its good bits.

Okay, maybe my expectations were too high (I judged it by the trailer). And maybe I latched onto the mis-casting of Dougray Scott (brilliant performance, but he was at least ten years too young for the role he had) and then decided to amplify minor-ish niggles until I rubbished something that others liked (I have form in that department.)

Or maybe it was a pile of pants all along.

The Doctor lands at an ENORMOUS country house on November 25th 1974 (coincidentally the 10th birthday of the actor playing his “double” – the psychic investigator with a thing about a pretty young woman and bad memories of what he had done in The War.) There’s shouting, photography and negatives developing, a chalk circle, some scooby doo moments, some farting about in the Tardis, some running about in the Forest (id/badlands). There’s more shouting and waving of arms. Nobody says “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”, though Metebelis Three does get a mention. Blah blah blah. Neither Quatermass nor (someone pretending to be) the Pitt put in a showing.

Beautifully shot, sets terrific, acting impeccable (well, I thought Jenna whatsist was below form, but she was also given some pure drivel to say, so kudos for keeping a straight face).

Will I be watching next week? No. I really need to find better things to do with my time.


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