Regression Analysis – what’s your favourite ego-defence/altered state?

Doing a lot of thinking (well, ruminating – they aren’t the same) of late.

Some of it is around “Transactional Analysis” – something I’ve known about for years and was recently re-exposed to (early February, I think) at a so-so training I went on for my so-called TADJ.  Transactional Analysis – and you can see some good videos here – is about the three ego-states we can be in; Parent (domineering or nurturing), Adult (yay!) or Child (rebellious or needy).  No-one stays consistently in one state, but relationships do take on regular patterns that are more or less stable, adaptive and “comfortable”.

I think it’s a simple, yet subtle, way of understanding things.  And if you’re honest with yourself (yuck), not always very easy to accept.

Related to this one of my “favourite” (as in most often used) regressions – towards reading a lot.  Over the last week, some of it spent ill in bed (it’s unusual for me to get that sick), I have polished off a vast amount of fiction and non-fiction.  And even learnt to skip to the end of a couple of tedious books (all will be revealed).

So, I’d be interested to know what “regression” behaviour other readers of this blog use. You can use the comments box, or you can email me at if you want to share but also want it anonymous.


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