TV Review: This Un-life, aka Season One of “The Walking Dead”

There are rules to zombie apocalypse novels/films/books/graphic novels (This is not Nam, after all, even if the walkers are called “geeks”).

The protagonist has to be “out for the count” when it all kicks off. So Somebody Shot the Sheriff (while his deputy then shagged his wife). In 28 Days Later (stealing from Day of the Triffids) a bicycle courier wakes up in a hospital bed.

There has to be a central betrayal (in 28 Weeks Later it was Robert Carlyle abandoning his wife and lying to the kids), waiting to go off like a recently bitten and dead guy (or gal)

More recently, the carefully multi-ethnic band has to have plenty of tensions (sexual, class, race, power) to keep the dialogue going
Is “The Walking Dead”, starring that chap Egg from This Life great fun? Yes. You have to hand it to Michael Rooker, who gets to chew the scenery. The guy who plays the scientist Edwin Jenner (geddit?) is perfect, half-way between Matt Damon (all mournful haunted Bourne-eyes) and Dennis Quaid.

Sure, they indulge the ridiculous “if the flame doesn’t actually touch you, you’ll be fine” convention*, and never seem to stop for gas. And Shane doesn’t seem to understand the need for sentry duty, even after he knew the walkers were, um, walking nearby.

What was up with the car that kept changing from red to black to red to black?

What did Jenner whisper to the Sheriff (“I think we can keep this going for at least as long as Lost”, maybe?)

Will I be getting hold of other seasons? Yeah.


*Er, shock waves, people.  [Cool guys don’t look at explosions]


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