Why does treason never prosper? Because if it does…

none dare call it treason.

This is a very very good piece of journalism.

My first identifiable television memory is the tank crashing through the gates of the US embassy in Saigon.

I remember the Desert One newsflash.

I remember seeing a poor public speaker talk about her suspicions of the October Surprise in 1991.

Does anyone think these people – the Nixons, the Caseys of this world aren’t capable of all this and more?*

* No, I am not a 911 “Truther.” If that had been a conspiracy (and it would have been impossible to organise such a thing) then Bush would have had a more heroic role written for him than hiding in a SAC bunker in North Dakota or wherever it was, and they’d have put some Iraqis properly in the frame to justify their squalid war crimes.

See also – The Package


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