Cameron trying to look tough #speakingtruthtopower #Viz

Goodness, aren’t we misunderstanding the Tories? This idea that Ian Duncan Smith would change his tune if forced to live on £53 a week. It’s a variation on speaking-truth-to-power, isn’t it? He already knows very very well that he is forcing people into despair and immiseration. Conveniently, when they riot, he can justify treating them like animals, cos, well “they’re no better than animals.”

The Tories surely know they are one-term-wonders (barring some obliging Argentinian generals). They are trying to wreck everything, sell everything that isn’t nailed down (and get a claw hammer for things that are), and line their own pockets for afterwards.

And surely a lot of this rhetoric – that resonates with large portions of the population, as John Harris observes – taps into the idea that we have been living high on the hog and need to be PUNISHED (“we” is a slippery concept, of course. It is all a semiological semi-illogical psycho-analytic field day.)

Anyway, Viz, as usual, nails it (see below). And the same day I buy my copy, there’s this in the Grauniad about his attempts to put the frighteners on Merkel and Hollande coming unstuck



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One Response to Cameron trying to look tough #speakingtruthtopower #Viz

  1. Sarah Irving says:

    The ‘paper clipping’ is entertaining, but I think your opening para is perhaps unfair. Maybe there are people who signed/promoted the IDS petition because they thought it would make him change his views, in which case they are immensely naive – there are a lot of people who think that in a lot of political fields, like those who seem to think that if Israelis would just talk to Palestinians more they’d suddenly become all understanding and stop trying to steal all their land and water. But I suspect that a lot of the people who signed that petition, and tried to encourage others to sign it, were actually trying to achieve one or both of two things: a) create an illustrative case for showing how stupid and hypocritical the Tories are which can be a useful shorthand for shoving down the necks of tabloid hacks etc, and/or b) get some pure, simple enjoyment out of it. Because in the end there is a dark, bitter humour to the idea and the knowledge that it will make no difference. You seem to get lots of the kind of grim humour of Marc Roberts’ cartoons or the kind of gasping despair that is sometimes needed to survive in working on climate change; perhaps you need to grant others the scope to be bitter and yet amused inside the grimness of austerity campaigning.

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