The media, Iraq and the melting Arctic

Ten years on from the murderous and illegal invasion of Iraq, and none of the perpetrators have been punished. Cheney, Bush, Blair, Howard etc. all walk free.
And now, in one of those cheap-to-produce retrospective (Ctrl C + V on the archive, anyone) the media has been doing their “retrospectives”. Not much contrition for their role in enabling this horror, by regurgitating and reprinting the lies – and they were known to be lies at the time – of the war-heads. Not much contrition for ignoring Scott Ritter, the Weapons Inspector who said long and loud “there are no WMD.”
I have not made a scientific study, it’s true. Maybe in a dim dark corner somewhere someone mea culpaed. But the media outlets themselves, with all the adverts fit to print and all the news printed to fit? No.

And in ten years (or five years? Or three?) will I, in one of my last blog posts before the power gives out/I die of starvation or hypothermia (the books all burnt for heat) – will I be pointing back to the spring of 2013, when the media reported on the cold Easter entirely free of the context that the Arctic ice-cap is cracking up? The same idiocy, the same refusal to go and ask the right people the right questions.

What a species.


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One Response to The media, Iraq and the melting Arctic

  1. Sam Gunsch says:

    Paul Krugman
    about pundits & Iraq & generally

    excerpt: “Ego, Image, and Sin

    excerpt: “I say “sins”, not just “mistakes”, advisedly. People have a right to be wrong (although they don’t have a right to be taken seriously, or employed in the opinion-giving business, thereafter); they don’t have a right to be wrong, at the expense of other peoples’ lives or livelihoods, for petty, personal reasons. Yet that’s exactly what happened among the war-mongers.

    March 25, 2013, 8:55 am
    Ego, Image, and Sin

    “The excellent Kathleen Geier — give this woman a bigger job! — has a terrific piece on pundit sins in the runup to the Iraq war, which has applicability to lots of other issues too.

    As Geier says,
    ” The inability of these pundits to think straight may simply be a symptom of narcissism poisoning. For them, invasion and war were all about presenting their preferred face to the world — and to themselves.””

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