Reasons for under-achieving…

Of course, “under-achieving” is a relative term, isn’t it. You might actually be achieving results commensurate with your real abilities, rather than the abilities you think you have.

And laying aside external factors like bad luck, lack of money, horrible bosses etc we have (drum roll please)

  • Fear (of failure/success/hard work)
  • Resentment (why should I do x when a) other people are free-loading or b) “other people caused this mess, not me – it’s not fair/they should be the ones sorting it out”)
  • Lack of focus

What else?


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2 Responses to Reasons for under-achieving…

  1. Jack Ellis says:

    Haha – how about a flip-flopping perception as to whether the things you need to achieve are actually worthwhile in the first place?
    I never think I’m underachieving until about 3 in the morning, when the gnawing doubt kicks in; or I read some stupid Saturday paper supplement about the ‘people who matter’; or some miserable bastard throws me a curve-ball picture of what achieving actually is.
    You’ve posted about cognitive dissonance before – I reckon ‘achievement’ is at the heart of that particular Gordean knot for most folk.

    • dwighttowers says:

      yes – “success” and “achievement” as very slippery things, moving targets etc. I think that’s where the Buddhists come in with their talk about the futility of striving and so on. But I could be wrong.

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