Whatever happened to the people who gave a damn?

As Gil Scott Heron sang here.

Or did that just apply to not dying in the jungles of Vietnam…

Two scenes from films spring to mind

Warren Beatty as “Bulworth” lamenting whatever happened to Huey Newton etc etc and Halle Berry correcting him about leaders and movements.

And from Bernt Capra’s Mindwalk, Sam Waterston and John Heard talking about where all the protest(ors) went – to the Green Party, as far as the European context goes.

Another answer is they didn’t go away but undertook the long march through the institutions. Hmmm. I think they may have gone native on the way…

Personally, I think people got sick of being ego-fodder for the central cadre of mostly middle-class, mostly male, mostly white people.
And state violence ratched up (Kent State, etc etc). And you didn’t feel like you could win…

And People weren’t learning, weren’t winning, weren’t contributing. So they used their two feet…


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