Arcing over the Arctic – nuclear winters and carbon summers and fear. Lots of fear.

When I was twelve I knew that it would take 25 minutes for intercontinental ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads to travel from their silos in Kansas or the Urals to their targets – Washington, New York, Moscow, Warsaw. They would arc over the Arctic.

When I was twenty-six I knew – had known for years – that we had at best 25 years to “turn it around” before the consequences started hitting us. I knew the polar bears were toast regardless, the Arctic slowly melting.

I am forty two. If Paul Beckwith, published on Friday by Sierra Club Canada, is right, we* probably don’t have twenty-five months before the consequences of our actions and inactions start catching up with us. He says that the Arctic is cracking up. This shit is non-linear.

What now?

* “We” is rich white people, naturally. Other humans and other species have been living with the consequences for a long times already.


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