Child abuse victims as “collateral damage” of hierarchical systems

(See the disclaimer, if you like.)

We focus on the Jimmy Saviles, but the real danger is closer to home. Child abuse, of the sexual kind, is rarely by the stranger. It’s far more likely to be the dad, the step-dad, the older sister’s boyfriend, the next-door neighbour etc etc. (1)

And the abusers are clever.(2) They know how to manipulate, and how to use charisma and status. How to isolate, how to make the individual feel they deserve it, they want it.

And the way to stop abuse, systemically, would be to ensure that humans grow up empowered, aware of the tricks of abusers, able to name them and categorise them. Genuinely autonomous, hard to manipulate.

It will never happen, because those same mental tools that would combat abusers would be all-too-useful against unaccountable bosses, against stupid teachers, against predatory advertisers, military recruiters, you name it..

If we taught children those skills, they’d be relentess rebels and revolutionaries. It’d be chaos. Well, technically, it’d be anarchy, but that’s another story…

Disclaimer: Yes, child abuse happens in “non-hierarchical” situations (of egalitarian tribes of hunter-gatherers or whatever.) There are no utopias.

(1) And just as most rapes are not committed by the maniac with the knife in the ski-mask, but by the husband, the vengeful -ex etc.

(2) Just because you are an evil douchebag doesn’t mean you aren’t clever.


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