Film Reviews: Skyfall, The Third Man and Zoolander (Here be spoilers!!)

Well, is it just me, or has the patriarchy re-asserted itself a bit? Female M is now dead by the “son” she betrayed. Moneypenny, who was handy with a gun, safely back behind a desk and Ralph Fiennes the new boss.
Could this be part of why the film has been greeted so warmly?
Yeah, it was fine – nice chase through Istanbul (they got into the countryside pretty quick though), staggeringly good-looking lass at the casino whom Bond gets to bed. And the new Q, first seen at the National Gallery, was a hoot. Javier Bardem walked off with the film under his arm, of course, but it was a close finish with the peckish Komodo.
Downsides – too long, as usual (every Bond film is at least 20 minutes too long these days). The tube train falling through the whole thing was unnecessary – and where were the passengers on what is supposed to be a rush hour train. Bardem’s mercenaries seemed a little incompetent and almost eager to die. But it’s a Bond film, not cinema verite, after all.
Since the execrable “Moonraker” I have seen every Bond film (except Never Say Never Again) at the cinema. I shall probably drag my sorry ass along for what is presumably Daniel Craig’s last one, assuming the wheels haven’t come off human civilisation before it is in the can.

The Third Man
A corrupt city, full of desperate people and police of uncertain loyalties.. A man of a certain reputation arrives, on a mission. There is a woman in a love triangle, with a propensity for hats and certain trouble with her identity papers. In the end, two men who have fallen into a kind of uneasy alliance travel together.
Gosh, I have seen this before but never noticed quite how much the film makers were referencing Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca with their choice of costumes, lighting, camera angles etc.
That zither adds so much!
The film stands up well – Graham Greene knew what he was doing, of course. He had to write the book so he could write the screenplay, and the latter is an improvement – the “500 years of democracy” line is – as ever – killer, delivered with relish by Orson Welles.
How much would you pay if one of the ants stopped moving? It’s a good question…

OMFG. This is still magical. I remember seeing this at the cinema with my friend Matt and we were just howling with laughter at its audacity and cleverness. From the Darwin Award-winning immolation to the tune of “wake me up before you go go” to the “derelicht my balls” insult to the fabulous “magnum” stare that … well, it wouldn’t do to spoil the plot. See this movie, but have a paper bag handing in case you start to hyperventilate.
From the cameos (Victoria Beckham, Donald Trump, Billy Zane, David Bowie, David Duchovny – the list goes on) to the lead actors (all excellent, with Will Ferrell nailing it as the panto baddie, ably supported by Milla Jovovich).
One to watch every year, I think…
Sequel rumoured to be released in 2014 (assuming the wheels haven’t come off human civilisation before it is in the can.)


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