The Panopticon, the Panspectron – look at Gaza and see how the world will be…

Have just read a fascinating and terrifying academic article called “The Gaza Strip as Panopticon and Panspectron: The Disciplining and Punishing of a Society.” [pdf]

It’s by Michael Dahan (PhD) of Sapir College, Israel.

The take home is that Gaza is being used as a laboratory for an astonishing set of hi-tech surveillance technologies that are then being “exported” to Israel and beyond.  (Northern Ireland, much?)

Dahan wears the theory behind this (Foucault, Deleuze, DeLanda) lightly, and closes with an awesome understatement.

“One only need to look at the narratives of control surrounding immigration issues in the US and Europe, the unprecedented use of surveillance technologies (particularly CCTV, vehicle tracking in large cities, the “participatory surveillance” of social media, the proliferation of location based mobile technology and the use of police drones) to consider that the future may not bode well.”

And for the benefit of any trolls who may have wandered in. This isn’t about Israel’s right to exist. This isn’t about anti-Semitism. This is about power, and technology and the coming desperations.

I haven’t yet watched this video below, but it is probably very interesting (based on the article).

Oh, and here’s what Chris Hedges has to say on a similar theme –

Elites will make Gazans of Us All

Gaza is a window on our coming dystopia. The growing divide between the world’s elite and its miserable masses of humanity is maintained through spiraling violence. Many impoverished regions of the world, which have fallen off the economic cliff, are beginning to resemble Gaza, where 1.6 million Palestinians live in the planet’s largest internment camp. These sacrifice zones, filled with seas of pitifully poor people trapped in squalid slums or mud-walled villages, are increasingly hemmed in by electronic fences, monitored by surveillance cameras and drones and surrounded by border guards or military units that shoot to kill. These nightmarish dystopias extend from sub-Saharan Africa to Pakistan to China. They are places where targeted assassinations are carried out, where brutal military assaults are pressed against peoples left defenseless, without an army, navy or air force. All attempts at resistance, however ineffective, are met with the indiscriminate slaughter that characterizes modern industrial warfare.



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