Neologism needed : “Mansplaining” for the “rescue prostitutes” industry. My effort is “knoblesse oblige”

So, “mansplaining” is, according to urban dictionary “To explain in a patronizing manner, assuming total ignorance on the part of those listening. The mansplainer is often shocked and hurt when their mansplanation is not taken as absolute fact, criticized or even rejected altogether.” (see below for a response tweet)

I’ve just started reading a bit about the efforts to recriminalise prostitution in Scotland, and there are people saying we need a word that specifically talks about how people who aren’t sex-workers mansplain to sex workers about their lives. (There is an hilarious parody twitter account @rescueindustry.)

The best I can do is “knoblesse oblige.”

Noblesse oblige is “generally used to imply that with wealth, power, and prestige come responsibilities. The phrase is sometimes used derisively, in the sense of condescending or hypocritical social responsibility.[1] In American English especially, the term is sometimes applied more broadly to suggest a general obligation for the more fortunate to help the less fortunate.”

Knoblesse is an adequate-ish pun, imho. And can signal simply that someone is/has a knob (i.e. punters and male mansplainers) or is knobless (female mansplainers).

There will be better efforts (probably not by me). Or perhaps a “santorum-ing” is in order – find an act/thing that doesn’t have a name and call it after the name of one of the main rescuers?

JBR ‏@Prolapsarian
The trouble with the concept of “mansplaining” is it undermines those of us who genuinely patronise people because we think they’re stupid.


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