IQ tests in “not much use” shocker

For 25 years I have been following the continuing and often tawdry saga of misplaced concreteness that is “IQ” testing.

Every so often some big meta-study like this one below (reported by Medical News Today) tells you what is actually going on…

Calculating a person’s intelligence using a quotient test (IQ test) is actually very poor and misleading, according to researchers from Western University, Canada. They conducted a study to observe the efficacy of using IQ tests to measure intelligence and published their findings in the journal Neuron….
“The brain has different nerve circuits that contribute towards intellectual ability. People might be good in some of these areas but less so in others. A general measure of intelligence, such as an IQ test, fails to show the full differences in cognitive ability in people. “

But we do love our numbers, don’t we? What a species…

FWIW, my IQ is two or three standard deviations from the norm (to the right!) And so fucking what – it doesn’t mean I am a better person, or a more effective person, or a better husband or anything that actually matters.

Books to (re)read
The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould
Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner


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