Infantilisation and kidults and the gender wars

Women come with baggage, for sure. But oh my don’t men indulge in this whole prolonging-adolescence thing that consumer capitalism so needs? X-boxing in your thirties? Really?

Heard a horror story last night from a smart good-looking and ambitious young woman about what her ex-fella used to (not) get up to. Suggested to her that the problem was that most men are (secretly or not) scared of a woman who might be their intellectual and financial match. And those few who think they aren’t scared, might still be, or just be shopping for a higher class of trophy.

Tonight I related some of that story to a smart good-looking and also single woman, in response to her plans to set up a bespoke dating service. She too had her horror stories. Two is not a trend, for sure, but I am glad I ain’t a smart female looking for love. The odds aren’t good, and the goods are odd, as the saying not-quite goes.

If only every man were as sensitive, as “walk-the-talk” and as enlightened as Dwight Towers! The gender wars would be over, oh yes.

Suggested Reading
The Woman Who Was Changed by Pearl S Buck (I read this in 1990. I recall it as didactic but dead useful)
Revolutions of the Heart: Gender, Power and the Delusions of Love by Wendy Langford


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2 Responses to Infantilisation and kidults and the gender wars

  1. Thanks for your article, I thought you might like this – it is my response but in video!

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