Older, maybe getting wiser?

One cute fact I learnt reading “Emergence” by Steven Johnson is that when they are new, ant colonies (or was it bee colonies?) are prone to picking fights with neighbouring colonies over turf. As they reach the halfway point of their natural lifespan, they seem to “calm down.” Of course, each individual ant/bee is long dead…

So cultures persist, yet shift…

Ties in neatly with

a) Kathleen Blee’s “Democracy in the Making”, which I am a third of the way through and is excellent so far.

b) me being less of a muppet than I would have been two or three years ago, at a crucial juncture (pat on the back, Dwight, pat on the back)

c) a really really crucial project of demuppetification. Of which more shall not be said. Except some questions like – Is demuppetification possible? Can it be accelerated? Verified? Sustained?


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