Friendship and gratitude diaries

Time to start keep one, I think.
I woke up in my own bed, in my own house, healthy.

A healthy (if somewhat heavy!) cat sat on my chest.

I was able to get up, go downstairs and eat a healthy breakfast of my own choosing.

I had a ten minute cycle to work.

My work is meaningful.

My boss is not a sociopath.

I was not overworked (today).

I was able to leave half an hour early.

I was able to go and interview a very interesting person, using an audio recorder.

I was able to spend the next two hours after that with interesting people doing interesting and important work.

I was able to phone my totally amazing wife.

I was able to hop on a bus (yay public transport, albeit not cheap) and go to a safe regulated pub and meet a friend.

I was able to spend three and a half hours talking about life, politics, zombies etc etc without having to do that self-censorship thing that you have to do in political dictatorships.

All the stuff we take for granted – clean water coming out of our taps, freedom of speech, the rule (ish) of law. Bombs not being dropped on our heads. Gratitude.


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