Prolier-than-thou concern trots… sorry “trolls”

Sometimes people are even bigger dicks in meatspace than “cyberspace,” as we old folks affectionately call the interwebs.

Case in point – last week had comment “conversation” with someone who objected to my choice of language (in my other cyber-life).  There was a little tone trolling in that, but fine, I’ll let it slide. I suggested he (for it is, inevitably, a he) write a guest post to get a conversation going. I offered it be anonymous.  Silence.

Tonight, at a separate event also to do with that other life (though hopefully less and less so) up he popped (though I didn’t know at the time it was he.)  Did I not agree that anything short of calling everything Class War was just so much bourgeois revisionism?  Yeah, maybe, I said. Care to write a minority report?  This was, apparently, an insulting suggestion.

Oooookaaaaaaaay.  Feel free to snipe away, without doing anything constructive of your own (that I can see).  It’s still (for now) a free(ish) country.  But then, I have the freedom to think – and say – that you’re just a prolier-than-thou poseur who is unwilling to engage in dialogue.


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2 Responses to Prolier-than-thou concern trots… sorry “trolls”

  1. Jonathan Atkinson says:

    That guy was a scream! I think your error was to suggest he could take the means of production in to his own hands (ie do something for himself rather than snipe at others). In doing this you were effectively calling on him to become a member of the hated bourgeoisie. No greater insult could be levelled at our proud comrade, hence he was very nearly driven to extreme action (ie leaving).

    On another matter, with Christmas approaching how about a Trot Troll toy? If you pull and release the string in its back it says phrases such as “Dialectical materialism” and “You lack a class analysis”. Could be a money spinner!

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