Late in the day

Glad I am the age I am.  Sure, I copped the second cold war and all that absurd nuclear sabre-rattling.  But at least I will be dead and buried before the shit really hits the fan.  I wouldn’t fancy being 10 or 15 years younger…

This post brought to you by the combined delights of the latest New Scientist and that article in Nature by Jeremy Grantham. Verily, we are toast.

P.S. Also glad I am not having bombs dropped on my head by F16s.  This too may come, but I reckon I’m more likely to be thrown from a helicopter into the North Sea (“the Pinochet Option,” as I call it.)  Possibly by my brother-in-law.


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One Response to Late in the day

  1. pendantry says:

    Late in the day, indeed. I’m toast. From what you say it sounds like you’re lucky: you may be mush before you get a chance to be toast.
    Thanks for the link to that article in Nature by Jeremy Grantham. Powerful stuff, though, as you say, late in the day. Possibly too late.

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