How do they sleep?

These people, who know just how fucked we are, who know just how important it is to get real dialogue going, and advocate the creation of that very dialogue while ignoring that their track record over the last (to pluck a number at random), three years and six months, is to shut down any dialogue that isn’t immediately beneficial to them, that might raise tricky questions of, you know, competence and momentum.

How do they sleep?

What lies do they tell themselves to be able to do that?

How DO you lie that well to yourself? I’d love to know how.


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2 Responses to How do they sleep?

  1. Arty says:

    How to lie to yourself that well?
    – Remind yourself that you are not to blame, and find (even minute) reasons to shuck all later responsibility for muck-ups onto someone else.
    – Find a reason to relate your actions to your constant goal of benefitting ‘the greater good’
    – Surround yourself with enough people that compliment you daily, and feed your ego
    – Forget what it’s like in someone else’s shoes

    I can be pretty negative. Asking open Qs like the one above can lead to depressing results for readers of my comments!
    Have a nice day, and go to bed pleased with your progress, ready to kick the butt of the next day’s schedule. Oh, and do something random which will make you chuckle later. (^_^)

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