“Epic Frail” – a non-viral, non-viable Internet meme

The young kids are, I am told, fond of the phrase “Epic Fail.”

I propose a homage/spoof/refinement to “Epic Frail,” for use whenever we spot ourselves or other folks being human, all to human.  If you keep your eyes open, and especially if you work in the “caring professions”, you’ll see examples every single… minute.

We hate our frailty. We find different ways to hide it – anger, belief in an all-powerful SkyGod, political ideology, anger, regression, projection, drugs, electing every-more-crazed governments while ignoring the Deep State, plastic surgery, body-building,  being a cog in the machine, anger, sneering at those less fortunate than ourselves, racism, bigotry, homophobia, the smugosphere.  The list could go on.  In fact, I’d love readers’ additions…


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3 Responses to “Epic Frail” – a non-viral, non-viable Internet meme

  1. Arty says:

    Hey Mr Towers,
    How does belief in an “all-powerful Sky God” help us continue denial of our own frailty? I believe that, if anything, it is an acknowledgement that we are not the reigning species and superior beings some of us humans very much like to think we are. It is an acceptance of the fact that we are not in control of all our destiny, that no matter what our intents, there will always be situations and occurrences beyond our scope of prediction and manipulation. Belief in an “all-powerful Sky God” is, at least according to my own beliefs in said deity, an affirmation of our frailty as created beings that were shaped by a divine hand, and did not simply evolve through natural perseverance, dominance through our superior intelligence or any other method. We were created by God, and He tells us in the Qur’aan, (I am a Muslim btw), that we are flawed creatures; not created perfect. We have within us the capacity to do wrong as well as right, and that we must choose. We will fall, and when, (not IF), we fall, if we turn sincerely to God and repent, He will forgive us.
    My entire being functions as a result of His will. And when studying science, that fact is just reinforced. I am constantly reminded of our frailty.

    Okay I don’t want to bore you with some health related science, but seriously when our cells are simply dividing, (which they do CONSTANTLY!!!) there a million+ things that can go wrong. A single slip in the replication of our DNA coupled with a loss in cell division moderation mechanisms and boom you can have yourself a malfunctioning cell that may lose control and start multiplying like mad. Tumor formation results. Non functional proteins lead to health problems. If the DNA mistake happens early on in human development, in this case at conception when the faulty allele is inherited from both parents, it can be very detrimental. Take Sickle cell anaemia for instance; a single amino acid is exchanged for another because of the faulty allele, (Glutamic acid swapped for Valine I believe, damn I gotta revise this stuff!) causes abnormally shaped haemoglobin, which in turn warps the shape of an entire cell due to the conformational restraints of the protein… I’ve put you to sleep now haven’t I?
    Um, bottom line, I don’t agree with the the “all-powerful Sky God” statement. I hope you can see where I’m coming from, and if not please tell me anyway.

  2. Arty says:

    Oh, yeah. An addition of stuff that people use to blind themselves. Hmmm…
    Seeking petty victories with all those around you, regardless of the hurt and dissent you cause. The need to always be right and it’s (near) achievement is fodder for the ego. Grow it big enough and it blocks your vision until you cannot even see around it. Keep it there for long enough and you forget what it is like to see reality.
    Oh, and that annoying habit people have of loving to hate what is different. That is a huge front for the denial of our own frailty: we (need to) feel secure in our clone like numbers and forget that we would be just as lost and bewildered in the same situation as say, the foreign family that have moved in across the street from their native country, with a tenuous grasp on the language and customs of the locals.
    Aside, okay I really have to go to bed.

  3. dwighttowers says:

    Hello Arty,
    thank you for coming here and taking the time to comment. I love your additional list there!

    I suppose I would say that it’s not the belief in the SkyGod per se (one of my very very best friends is a practising Muslim), but the way that *some* people use their belief/faith etc to shield themselves from taking responsibility for their (in)actions, or else claim that their belief/faith makes them somehow superior (I’m thinking of the American evangelicals who denounce abortion but then want their mistresses to have one, etc etc), like a spiritual get out of jail free card.

    Religion ‘rightly understood’ is indeed all about human frailty. It’s just that the institutions that propound it (“establsihed religions”) seem to propose that the solution to that frailty is (blind) obedience to community leaders, be they bishops, priests, imams or rabbis or whatever. That’s what it looks like from the outside. Not with the Quakers so much, but they are a statistical anomaly.

    Best wishes

    Dwight Towers

    PS Cell-division. Amazing amazing stuff. Good luck with your exams.

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