A man of loose morales

Up and down like a… well, let’s say “yo-yo”, since this blog aspires to be SFW.

I refer, of course, to my morale. The buddhists would nod sagely and say I was deep in the whole samsara thing. And they’d probably be right.*

So, need to think about things that de-moralise me.
Crappy meetings (and a good good friend recently pointed out to me that I was slipping back into bad old ways. Like a dog returning to someone else’s vomit, I guess).
The stupidity, complacency, game-playing and general incompetence of people who are being (well)-paid to sort out my City’s climate shituation.
My own frailty.

Things that sustain me
Fitness (I get on the stepper and I read and think)
Finesse – getting better at new things, or retaining skills that might get rusty. Whether it’s facilitation, film-making or whatever…
Friends and family – I vastly under-estimate just how important my wonderful friends (they know who they are!) are. And my staggeringly (and I mean staggeringly) intelligent and hard-working and generally wonderful wife. I would never ever find another like her.
Freetime and fritterature – have been reading some awesome books of late – Agnes Bushell, Bob Cook, John Burns etc
Films – I have a bunch of films I never get round to watching.
Feline – especially the one with her ear nestled/jammed into my anatomical snuffbox (that’s the bit on the outside of your thumb when you extend it). Fat furry and fick.

* In this one of my lifetimes I have chosen not to believe in re-incarnation.


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