Of Silence; Savile, Hillsborough, Armstrong and the Pending Ecological Debacle

What ties together a predatory paedophile, a State smearing of innocent football fans, a drugged-up cyclist and the imminent (decades? years?) self-inflicted cluster fuck of hitting ecological brick walls while accelerating?


Lots of people had good suspicions (or more?) about Savile. Victims knew what would happen if they spoke up.

Lots of people on the inside must have known – not suspected, known – about the cover-ups and smearing.  But who’d go up against the police?  It’s taken staggeringly hard graft from victims’ families, and luck, and guts from an Minister, for the sordid can of worms to be prised open.

Lots of people knew about Armstrong.  He had the lawyers to slap them down. And others were complicit and could not paint themselves as innocent victims, not complicit.

And most sentient people know – on some level – that you can’t have a free lunch forever.  They think though, because they need to, that technology will save the day. Or that it will happen to their kids, not them. ( So that’s alright then!!)

I haven’t followed the Savile thing closely, so maybe it is being said repeatedly and I have just missed it – but this: most child abuse isn’t by the “weirdo”, whether the grubby mac man down the street or the odd television presenter.  Most abuse is by the older-step brother, the uncle, the babysitter, the scout master.  Most abusers know their victims well.  That’s far more terrifying, in my book.  And the solution – that children have to learn that authority figures can’t always be trusted – is one we are desperate not to teach.  Children who were empowered to call “bullshit”? Where would it all end.

We are children.  We cower in fear of the all-powerful parents. We know full well what happens to children who displease their vengeful parents.  We cower, we hope for the best.


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