Mission: Change the rules of the games

Situation: My perception (1) is that across a broad spectrum, I am losing the games

Mission: Over the coming 36 hours, propose to myself a series of game-changing actions, making public such action/intentions as is necessary and helpful

Execution: In the next four hours to sit at this computer, with minimal distractions and type up/create films etc of what those actions – which would unfold over a period of 6 to 18 months.

To list the likely obstacles/barriers that will occur in the taking of those actions

To identify mentor(s) who can offer advice/encouragement/feedback and approach them

Administration: Coffee-fueled.

Command and Control: Last man standing (or, in this case, sitting).

Ya basta and “Voy a ganar” and all that.




(1) The accuracy of my perception is, for these purposes, irrelevant.


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