Arctic monkeying – Financial Times front cover from… 2004

Timing is everything, and this post is a couple of weeks late. Because the caravan has moved on from this story (as Uncle Noam notes).

Below please find the front cover of a November 2004 FT, and a close up of the relevant article (the irony policy, of course, will come arrest the editor for his placement of the oil and gas markets advert to its right).

Here’s the thing; If anyone had said, even as recently as 2004, “you know, there is a good chance of summer ice collapse by 2020” they would have been shouted down by environmental NGOs etc as alarmist and unhelpful. Of course, no scientist even believed that (publicly at least) then. Because we don’t “get” non-linearity. Bloody hard to model it too (some I’m told. Not a modeller myself).

We are in SO MUCH MORE TROUBLE than we know. Soz for shouting, I know I am shouting at the choir…


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