Dwight Towers seeks help (at long long last) for his hypocrisy…

I am always banging on about the evils of comfort zones, of grooves that have become ruts.  The smugosphere-this, anvunclaritis-that.

And that’s probably projection – a hatred and contempt for failings I am reluctant to admit in myself and therefore (only) spot in others.

I work (hard) on a monthly magazine, which I think makes a difference, and is a joy to produce because of my working relationship with its co-editor.  At the same time, I know there are two longer-term, more complex projects that deserve my (limited, oh so limited) time and energy.

I allow the instant gratification, sense of accomplishment, and all that to keep me from working harder on the longer-term.  This is smugospheric in the extreme.

I am keen to be less of a hypocrite. To do this I must close the gap between what I practice and what I preach. There seem to be only two choices –

a) I can stfu about other people’s failings (inconceivable!) or

b) I can start walking my talk (so far I’ve been mostly unable).



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