Death to Hans Christian Anderson!! Of Emperors and Rosa Parks

That shitty story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” has a lot to answer for.
You really think all the courtiers would just admit they had been muppets because some little kid yelled out the truth? Oh Puh-lease.  First the little brat would never get within earshot of the Big Cheeses. Second he’d get banged up for sedition, treason, shortness and whatever other crimes the State Security Apparatus chose to invent.  And he’d probably rendered to some hell-hole in Syria or Poland or wherever we are outsourcing our torture to these days.
And before the kid had drawn his next post-waterboarding- breath, the courtiers – many of whom would have lied to themselves efficiently enough to believe their own lies – would have released treatises, books and TV documentaries rubbishing the child, sneering at his lack of credentials and youth and so on.

It takes more than an “innocent” to redeem us, more than a child to fish the turds out of the swimming pool of ideas.  This “ENC” nonsense it the equivalent of “Rosa Parks was personally responsible for the Civil Rights Movement” – it is completely lacking in historical awareness, in political awareness, in psychological awareness. It is a liberal myth that one voice matters, when the truth of it is that many voices, many bodies, have to be raised (and cut down, and cut down, and cut down) before anything approaching sanity and justice can – if not prevail – then be seen dimly on the horizon.

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NB Nothing here is meant to detract from the personal physical courage of Rosa Parks and thousands like her. They faced levels of physical intimidation and death-threats that are uncommon in the West these days. But it isn’t down to individuals, it’s down to movements.


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