Motivating individuals and organisations…

So, how do you motivate individuals? And how do you get (social) innovation going?
It’s something I have a live interest, at the moment at least.
According to Dan Pink (“Drive”), motivation comes down to autonomy, mastery and purpose.
According to Seyfang and Haxeltine, “strategic niche management” comes down to “managing expectations, networking and learning”.

So, doing a mash-up…
Autonomy and Networking
Creating the conditions under which people who will be happy to find each other are more likely to do so.
You might have a “help wanted/help offered” session in each gathering.
You might give everyone some badges on which they can put their name, their skills, their interests, their wants and have them walk around introducing themselves to whoever they want.
There are other tools too.

Mastery and Learning
You might figure out ways for people to figure out what they know, what they don’t know, what they want to know. And then get them skills and knowledge-swapping, without having to go through a central depository.

Purpose and Managing Expectations
Being explicit about why someone is being asked to do something, where it fits into the bigger picture, and what can realistically be achieved in the short-to-medium term. Then people don’t feel they’ve been over-sold or under-sold.


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