Book Review: “Runner” by Thomas Perry

[found on my computer, seems I never posted].
One star review. I’m a huge fan of Thomas Perry’s “Jane Whitefield” character, and massively excited when I bought this yesterday. Was sure that the Amazon reviews would be wrong (I looked at the stars given, not the content). The two [now 8] one star reviews are, sadly, spot on. As in other Thomas Perry books (e.g. Nightlife), there seems to be a distinct lack of intelligent cops. F’r instance- a bomb goes off at a hospital fundraiser and then a surgeon’s wife disappears for months- and no-one checks up on this? There are two people shot in the head- and no-one checks up on this? In real life there would be homicide teams and anti-terrorism teams crawling all over.

You can say I am missing the point, and the book is a roller-coaster ride not cinema verite. But to that I would say a) this is not a patch on previous roller coasters that Mr Perry has given us and b) if you’re claiming to be giving details on how to disappear etc etc, tradecraft and all that, then you have to acknowledge that cops exist, and do what they do. (Also, I distinctly remember Jane Whitefield NOT being a fan of guns in the past).

Anyhow, definitely one to avoid if you want your high opinion of the JW series intact.

And I see there’s a new one, “Poison Flower“. Hmmm


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