Super-seismic me: elections schmelections

This is a quote I found on my desktop. Quite useful thinking tool…

On election night the media proclaimed: “The nation has decided.” Nothing can be further from the truth. The 2010 election showed disorientation on a national scale at a time of unprecedented economic crisis and war. In reality, in the words of Marxist philosopher Alan Badiou, what happens in such elections is that “Preferences will be duly recorded, in the passive manner of a seismograph, but the process is one that by its nature excludes any embodiments of dissenting political will.”[1]

In confronting the inevitable despair that will follow, the left should consider some of its own mistakes in the way it intervened and what could have been done to transform what was a state procedure (seismograph recording) into a political process: collective action aiming for a new outcome – one that is currently repressed by the dominant order.

[1] A Badiou Sarkozy: de quoi est-il le nom? Paris 2008.


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