Sympathy for the .. muppet?

Dwight Towers is a callous bastard, for the most part.  When I heard of some poor soul dying last weekend when his parachute didn’t open, one of my first thoughts was “well, if you indulge in a hobby that involves jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, what do you expect?”  And I read, fascinated, of a 16 year old girl who texted “LOL, I’m going to die” to friends minutes (or ‘moments’ as the tabloid hacks had it) before her prediction came true, as she was thrown from – and then crushed by – the car her foolish drunken (male) friend was driving near a town so cowpoke that even the cowpoke ‘capital’ city nearby calls it cowpoke.  Between the text and the crash, they stopped at Maccy Ds. She coulda bailed, but didn’t…

Which is all a long way of  saying that we divide the world into the deserving and undeserving, the innocent and the brung-it-on-’emselves. Purity and danger.  The world is a far messier place than that, but as heuristics go, it has the benefit of simplicity, eh?


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2 Responses to Sympathy for the .. muppet?

  1. marc roberts says:

    A touching tale of faith in one’s own invulnerability at that age.

  2. dwighttowers says:

    till the chap with the scythe reached out and touched her with his bony finger. Sigh…

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