“Discretionary effort homeostasis” and the possible end of the TADJ

So, have been reading a HR (Human Resources) journal. Some remarkably good stuff in it (gotta know how to get the most out of the drones, after all…). The concept of ‘discretionary effort’ leapt out at me – as in, the amount over and above the minimum required that employees can, if engaged and enthused, give. Most of the time, for good reasons, they don’t.

These last few months, I have not had any appetite for discretionary effort in my TADJ(1). That need to feel useful/engaged etc, above and beyond what I do with the stuff in front of my face, has gone into other projects. There’s a sort of homeostatic mechanism, I guess.

And today I learnt that an important node in the network I am part of will not be replaced when she retires. Entirely predictable, but still shocking.

As you cut away the knots, the net gets weaker, baggier. More and more falls through. I may have to walk away. I should at least be looking for a decent pair of shoes, anyway.

(1) Totally Amazing Day Job.


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