In the shadow of the dam with the alarming cracks

A good friend I’ve not seen in far too long (18 months) asks about avoiding pessimism in the light of the impending farce in Rio.  My reply –

On a personal level, I have given up on any expectation that we will even take our foot of the accelerator re: emissions pathways, and all that implies…  Which is easier to do if you don’t have kids… Sorry!

In general, most people keep their heads in the sand on most issues most of the time.  Especially about things they can’t control.  Look at us all – probably heading into a Great Depression-style contraction, if the people I trust in the Financial Times are right. Am I writing to David Cameron and George Osborne about that? Am I heck.   I know it is futile.  Well, most people take the same attitude – probably quite rightly – to climate change…

This post brought to you courtesy of Delilah the cat.  If she were back inside where she belongs I could block up the hole in the door where the cat flap used to be, and stop the toms coming in and spraying. Bastard things. Why don’t owners get the little blighters spayed?


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One Response to In the shadow of the dam with the alarming cracks

  1. leavergirl says:

    You can’t do nuthin’ about emissions at the moment, but every one of us can start sequestration.

    Rio? Why give any energy to the Spectacle? You’ll only feed it… Take care where you put your attention, boyz and grrls…

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