I think the meetings lemon is squeezed dry…

Following the guest post from Mrs Towers, and the map-less compass, I got this from a wise friend

I started a comment on Mrs T’s guest post and abandoned it – couldn’t find the right tone. In essence what I was going to say was that I too had been thinking ‘enough!’. On 2 levels – 1)don’t put yourself through it any more and 2) there’s the beginnings of a rut forming on the blog (no offence meant)

And I wrote back


even i felt the lemon had been squeezed dry and all i was achieving was anecdote collecting…

more posts about between the meetings coming up…

Other than the horrendous use of an emoticon, what have we got?

Well, I am more interested in how people are (not) drawn in, how their existing skills are acknowledged, harnessed, extended.  I am more interested in how we get stuff done.  So, upcoming posts will be about how we reflect usefully, how we learn from our mistakes and successes.  Watch this space.

After all, wouldn’t want to get stuck in an anti-smugosphere smugosphere of my own, would I?


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