The humus of activism, eh, leavergirl?

Via a DT reader, this article below. The whole of which is worth close-reading.

99% Spring: New radical alliances for a new era
By Joshua Kahn Russell Harmony Goldberg


Our friend Matt Smucker with Beyond the Choir puts it this way in “A Practical Guide to Co-option“:

Remember that Occupy Wall Street kicked off with a well timed call-to-action, a ripe target, some planning, and a lot of crazy luck. As a result, OWS has understandably had more of a culture of mobilizing than of organizing. It’s been a little like a group of folks who don’t know about farming who arrive at a farm at harvest time. There’s delicious food everywhere, and all they have to do is pick, pluck, and gather it. And eat it! “Wow,” one of them exclaims, “farming is awesome! Why would we waste our time cultivating the soil? This food is delicious! I want to eat it all the time! This is working very well. We should just keep doing this — all the time!”

(The reference in the title is to this rather amazing article by Leavergirl.)


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