You Must Read This: The Slippery Slope of Oil Addiction

Via Sharon Ede, writing over at Post-Growth

This guy (26 years old??!!) absolutely nails it.  The whole piece is brilliant. This leapt out for me;

Based on my experience, what I learned was that the global system of infinite growth attracts men and woman of a certain… level of understanding, a certain type of person who will be attracted to the ideals of the current economic measurement that coordinates the global psychology of things, and a type of person who externalizes themselves and detaches from connection, and so whole heartedly believes in their reality, their perception of things, that they project their fears out onto everyone else – and their ego becomes the driver, blindly leading them down a path of self-destruction. And they are people of high intellectual prowess, but unfortunately have yet to develop the deep wisdom that we all possess within us as human beings. And we call these people CEO, and Prime Minister.

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