Guest Post: “Spanking the meeting monkey” by Mrs Towers

I think I might need to start spanking Mr Towers, writes Mrs Towers.
I have a new theory, you see. It suddenly occurred to me, as he described with relish the expected awfulness of the meeting he was about to attend this evening, that he was perhaps enjoying this all too much. Was this zealous meeting-attendance, in the full knowledge of impending terribleness, actually a form of masochism? Was he actually getting some perverse pleasure out of the boredom, the frustration and the angst of these unspeakable events?
I pointed this out to him.
“But that means you must be a masochist too,” he said. “You go to meetings as well”.
“No I don’t,” I replied. “Not any more”.
“Oh yeah”, he admitted.
So the question is, if Mr Towers starts getting his masochistic needs met elsewhere (perhaps something involved this sustainably-sourced rubberwood spanking paddle? It’s amazing what you learn about while working at Ethical Consumer magazine. And possibly a little too
revealing what sticks in the mind…), what would he write about on this blog? Would I be depriving his readers of their fix of vitriol, or providing a welcome respite? Answers on a (FSC-certified) postcard.

And see the last paragraph of the next post on this blog for the outcome…


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2 Responses to Guest Post: “Spanking the meeting monkey” by Mrs Towers

  1. leavergirl says:

    I vote for a welcome respite, as long as he does not give up the vitriol and uses it where it can do some good. You go, grrl! 🙂

  2. Barry Bulsara says:

    But I’m enjoying the masochism, second hand.

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