Book Review: Deceptions

If it wasn’t good, it did a reasonable job of deceiving me into thinking it was – I read its 274 pages in one sitting.

Yes, it had all the things you need these days – an unreliable narrator (he’s an art expert, but seems to have labelled something a forgery that, erm, wasn’t), class conflict that isn’t, a possible doppleganger (and then the fear of Capgras Syndrome) .

The characters are well-drawn (said narrator is a bit wet, but plausible in his wetness), the dilemmas and uncertainties and willingnesses to overlook inconvenient facts are all hinted and then teased out.

Reminded me of Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love, Gilbert Adair’s The Key to the Tower (etc) and also Candida Baker’s Hidden.

Would I recommend? If unreliable/unsympathetic  narrators, the uncertainties of raising boys and that sort of thing float your boat, then yeah.

Addendum: And I couldn’t help myself – I went to wikipedia to see if she was Michael “Noises Off/Copenhagen etc” Frayn’s daughter – she is.  And this warms the cockles of me heart: “In 2008, after making a short viral film opposing the proposed expansion of Heathrow for Bright Green Pictures, she co-founded WeCan, a group who lobbied the government to take urgent action on climate change in the run up to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in 2009.”


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