Game. On.

Oh my. Got an email this afternoon that will… ramify.

In my other life (the one Vera and Antonio have quite justifiable doubts/concerns/skepticisms about – namely my climate “activism” life) a potentially Ginormously Interesting and Fruitful Thing (GIFT) has happened.

And this GIFT will make the next couple of years a laboratory for lots of the ideas I bang on about on this blog – around how we meet, how we exchange our ideas, experiences, passions and desires for a vaguely sane planet. About how we create the conditions for resilience-rightly-understood, how we act rhizomatically, and encourage behaviours that will make us less unprepared for the shit-storms coming at us.

By capitalist standards, it’s a laughably small sum of money. But – to paraphrase Nixon’s orders to the CIA about Salvador Allende’s social democratic experiment in Chile – we’re gonna make the smugosphere scream. With pain, with joy.


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