Running (flat out) on empty

There’s a sequence in Wilbur Smith’s novel When the Lion Feeds (don’t ask) where the young (white) hero and his faithful Zulu sidekick are being hunted down. The hunters send out their two fastest runners. The sidekick explains that the tactic is that even if they outrun that pair, the effort would leave them so winded that they’d become easy pickings later on.  I won’t tell you how the situation is resolved, but it is well-written and plausible.

The relevance? The TADJ is like that right now.  Every minute of the working day feels like that, being pursued flat out, running and running and running.  And when the quiet time does come, as it will (probably, ironically, once we are better staffed than we are this exact minute), then I will be too winded to be able to make use of that time, for profession development and service development.  Instead I will sit, twitching, waiting for the pursuit to begin again.

Something must be done. And, after discussion, I think I know what it is.

No point “watching this space” and less later – as in, this blog is not (often) about me whining about my TADJ.


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