Youtube: What is a “helmet fire”?

Hmmm, seven months since I made many of these videos, and the rustiness shows*.

Here’s the first draft of the script, which I cut cut cut.

Helmet fire is, according to wikipedia, “a mental state characterized by unnaturally high stress and task-saturation and loss of situational awareness.”
More simply “it’s an over-clocked mental state. This is usually caused by:
a lot of things going on (all at once);
multiple decisions that need to be made (right now!);
and having very little time to sort out competing priorities…
before something gets bent or broken… or someone gets hurt (or worse).”

Why should we care?
It gives us a memorable phrase to use when we are taking in more information, and being asked to process it – more quickly than we really can.

Related concepts
OODA loops
Confirmation Bias
Motivated Reasoning
After- Action Review

Books worth reading
What Intelligence Tests Miss by Keith Stanovich
Mistakes were made (but not by me) by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson
Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary Marcus

*not to imply I was ever much good!


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