Running to stand still

The more work you do, the more work they give you. The more you try to compensate for gaps in the system, the more those nodes in the system realise that you are compensating, and start to dump work on you. It’s only “logical.” It’s just (im)moral hazard.

And that would be fine, if we were talking widgets or numbers on the balance sheet. In that case, the system can go screw itself.
But we’re talking human beings here, at a very vulnerable point. And if I step back, and “let the system fall apart” various things will happen. In no particular order of priority;

– I won’t be able to sleep nights
– Innocent people will suffer – some of them irrevocably
– I put myself at risk legally/professionally

Elegant solutions on a postcard, to the usual address…
Winners announced… no correspondence entered into etc etc

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2 Responses to Running to stand still

  1. leavergirl says:

    Well, you could always pitch a fit, or have a nervous breakdown. They do listen to those occasionally.


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