Days of whine and roses

Attention Conservation Notice: Self-piteous ramblings in search of … sympathy? solutions? something?

Part of the problem of piss-poor pseudonyms is that I really cannot let rip. Lots of people know who I really am (it’s hardly a state secret, at the best of times).

And so, I self-censor. Not that self-censorship is always and everywhere a bad thing. Was it Proust or Pascal who said no friendship would survive if people knew what their friends really thought about them?

Anyhows, time to get some of it off my chest: I don’t see work getting any better. I see me getting nailed, only more so. I already do two days sole working, and that has just gone up to three of the five days. On the remaining two days my boss is going to have meetings and specific stuff to do, so I will, in effect, be sole working for big chunks of that too. Wave bye-bye to the already thin time and energy available for service development, continuing professional development and the rest of it. Say hello to more routine grunt work, and a gradual de-skilling. And I really do not see anyway out of this. Trapped, in a gilded cage.


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2 Responses to Days of whine and roses

  1. Sam Gunsch says:

    I read all your blog posts. Lots of your observations and analysis and explications of your observations/analysis help and lead me to have what I consider valuable new understandings of my experience of life, both in personal life and in my various ongoing attempts to be active in my polity as a citizen.

    However, sometimes I am challenged (i.e. I experience puzzlement) to understand or grasp the meaning of the language you choose . Perhaps, or probably, it’s due to living in different cultures, different countries, with different idioms…

    And hence, in this post, I am uncertain of the meaning of:

    “..I see me getting nailed,..”

    “…sole working,…”

    “…service development,…”

    Or maybe if I was employed in the white-collar world here, I’d get it.

    I have guesses derived out of the overall context described in your post. But sufficient ambiguity remains to the extent that I really have no way of knowing if I actually get the take-home message you intend. Might as well be Greek.

    And then in like fashion with respect to the issue I am raising re the confusion I experience, does my use of ‘take-home’ or ‘Greek’ communicate clearly or is it not widely understood, and thus, an example of the idioms in my part of the world, thus identifying me as a Canadian, or a Albertan, or North American?

    No big heart-burn for me… (idiom alert)

    Just letting you know…

    I think it’s akin to the issue of the jargon or dialects that lay people perceive when they attempt to follow the dialogues among experts in given fields.

    Sam Gunsch

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Thanks for your kind words Sam.

    Makes me think of Churchill speaking of the English and the Americans “Two people divided by a common language.”

    By getting nailed I mean being swamped with work that I can’t delegate, delay, defer or anything like that.

    Sole working – doing it on my own, basically (also known as ‘lone working’, which would have been clearer! My bad.)

    Service development – yup, it’s a white color job (with an interesting mix of ‘manual’ labour in there too. But there are things (and people) whom I have a responsibility of “improving”. Making things more efficient, opening up new areas of work, making sure we are meeting/exceeding various guidelines and protocols and the like. And, crucially, these are not just pointless paper exercises – if we get it right,vulnerable people benefit. If we don’t, they don’t.

    I hope I can keep producing blog posts that mean something to you!!

    Best wishes

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