Reasons we don’t delegate

Mostly boils down to our old friend ego…

I can do the task quicker myself
I’m too busy to delegate it – it would take me too long to explain how to do it
No one else would do a good enough job
It’s my responsibility to do it
I want to keep control of this task
I’m not sure if anyone is capable of doing this task
The other person will object that I’m offloading my tasks onto them
The other person may prove to be better at the task than me!
I’ll only have to sort out the mess if things go wrong
It makes me feel good/indispensable to do everything
I’ve always done this task, so everyone expects me to do it
There’s no one else to do it
This task doesn’t take a lot of time

UPDATE: Aaargh; I forgot to cite this, creating the impression it was my own work!! It wasn’t; I got it from a “management for beginners” course (a ring binder full of useful stuff I found in a skip) run by ICS “The world’s no. 1 in home learning“)


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3 Responses to Reasons we don’t delegate

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    “I’m wary of using others as a means to my ends?”

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