Reasons to be grateful

Smugness Alert: The following post is a list of things the author feels grateful for. By the end of it you may want to punch him. That’s why he tries to then distract you with a new song by Frank Turner.

The fat, stupid and utterly delightful cat sat on my lap
The fact I have a computer, and electricity, and an internet connection at my disposal.
The fact I have some highly intelligent and generous readers (you know who you are).
The fact that I live in a country with at least the semblance of free speech (at least the government isn’t shelling my town. Yet. That may come of course…)
The fact that I have an unbelievably astounding wife.
The fact I have a ridiculously cool job, and a team of people there who give a damn, and a line manager who is a genuinely decent and thoughtful person who is open to innovation (how many people can honestly write that sentence above, eh?)
The fact that I work really hard, unpaid, on a meaningful project with someone who ‘gets it’, works just as hard and is able and willing to keep me in line
The fact I have cultural capital (accrued by accidents of birth and geography, class and race and height (Dwight Towers well, towers)
My health (looks around superstitiously for wood to touch)
The fact I have a whole bunch of interesting friends and acquaintances who bring me ideas, perspective, advice and laughter
The fact I can put food in my belly and warmth in my house

OK, enough. I am surely one of the 1%, not the 99%, in terms of the advantages/beautiful things I have. I remember this all the time, all the time.

It’s what makes me, beyond the intrinsic worth of it, do what I do – a sense of obligation.

And now, before you cyber-belt me, here’s Frank Turner, on a similar theme…


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