Projecting failure

A fellow advocate of Dave Allen’s “Getting Things Done” left a v. good set of comments under a recent post.

One went in part –

“These items represent agreements you haven’t kept with yourself,” Allen says. “What happens when you break an agreement with yourself is that your self-esteem plummets.”

Allen recommends … The project list is not a reminder of values or deeply held beliefs. Rather, it is an exhaustive external repository meant to capture every single thing that you may want to do.

That’s coming to mind as I clear out the attic (a job that itself a displacement activity from other, more psychologically challenging tasks). I’m encountering lots of half-done/half-started projects. Some are worth saving, others were so hare-brained I am glad I never devoted time to them.

It’s feeling good to de-clutter, and a sobering reminder of hubris. But hubris is like alcohol of course – after a heavy bender you might swear off it, but it just tastes so damn good…

And, slowly, I am beginning to emotionally accept (as well as intellectually), that time and energy and other resources (morale, intelligence, attention) are finite.

No doubt *some* of my anger (cue comments!) at other people for not working hard/meeting their publicly stated commitments is good old-fashioned projection…


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